Is she pregnant?

If your partner is or might be pregnant, it is natural to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and uncertain. You probably have a number of questions, like:

  • Do I need to be involved?
  • Does my opinion even matter?
  • What should I do next?
  • Am I ready to be a father?

If pregnancy wasn’t part of the plan for the two of you, you might feel like you don’t have a say in the next steps. Women are often at the center of conversations about unexpected pregnancy. However, that does not mean your opinion is not important, or that you don’t have a role in this situation.

Your Involvement Matters

Many women will turn to their partners as a trustworthy source when they discover they are unexpectedly pregnant. It’s important to remember that you are both feeling the same things, and that standing by her right now will mean the world to her. Take the first steps with her by coming along to the pregnancy testing and limited ultrasound appointments, offered at no cost at our clinic.

Make Your Opinion Known

One of the most important things you can do is voice how you feel and what you think the two of you should do next, as well as listen to her thoughts. Open and honest communication will help the two of you make the best decision possible about your unexpected pregnancy.

It Will Not be Easy

Telling friends and family and going through the decision-making process together will be difficult. There are a lot of opinions surrounding unexpected pregnancy, and it will be a hard time for the two of you. But it will be so much better if you stick with each other throughout it.

If you recently discovered your partner is pregnant and don’t know what to do next, Options for Women East can help. Contact us today to learn about the options, our services, or just for someone to talk to.