We offer personalized one-on-one life coaching for mothers and group education programs for parents to learn pregnancy and parenting skills.

One-on-one sessions

We want every new parent to be confident when they begin their pregnancy journey, so we offer these sessions at no-cost. Every pregnancy is unique, that is why we have personalized education tracks to meet your individual needs. A life coach will meet with you one-on-one to help you discover who want to become as a mother.

Group Classes

Having a strong support system with other women who are in similar situations as you, is essential to have throughout your pregnancy and motherhood journey. Mothers and their support team who are enrolled in our education programs have the opportunity to engage in our weekly group classes to connect with other mommas, and dive deeper into healthy practices throughout their pregnancy and baby’s first year of life.

Local Resources

Here at Options for Women East, we understand that your pregnancy might not be the only thing that is causing you some challenges in this stage in your life. That is why we have many local resources on hand to help you get your basic needs met, so you are able to focus on having a healthy pregnancy and birth.